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Our Mission

At Uniter we believe that all activities in a company should start and end with the customer. Uniter helps companies and organisations to create a problem-solving culture that systematically solves problems with the customer need as the base. Problem solving is done in collaboration with stakeholders as well as customers. What is important is that every problem is solved systematically and by understanding the value it brings to the customer.

With more than 25 years of helping and collaborating with large companies in different industries, Uniter has developed a customer centric and systematic way of transforming, sorting, organising and mapping the market demands and in handling variation through industrial processes. The methodology is a strong basis for modular, agile, and flow-oriented product, service and supply chain designs.

At Uniter we help our customer focus both on how to make more revenue by creating value in the offer and reduce cost by creating the value in an efficient way. At Uniter we call this Just-Enough.

“Many people believe that when implementing a new system, only know-how is required. However, if you want to succeed, you must understand know-why as well.”

–  Shigeo Shingo, 1981

Uniter was founded in 2014 by Jonas Ahlstrand and Pär-Olof Hjorth, with the mission of solidifying the link between customer demands and industrial processes, such as product and service development. Both founders come from a Toyota-inspired problem-solving culture that champions organisational-wide efforts in identifying, solving, and preventing issues.

Our consultancy expertise is rooted in our long-standing collaboration with Scania, the Swedish truck manufacturer. Known for pioneering the concept of Modularisation, Scania has co-developed the methodology we employ at Uniter. Since our inception, we’ve extended our services across multiple industries, assembling a robust team of experts in Modularisation, Product and Service Strategy as well as Supply Chain.










The Future

In today’s volatile market conditions, the looming question is: How does one formulate a Product Strategy amidst uncertainty or disruption? This very challenge encapsulates the core issue our approach aims to address.

What We Do

We’re committed to set in motion genuine organisational change by integrating ourselves within the client’s operations, engaging both top-down and bottom-up to establish effective processes, tools, and workflows.


True Modularisation

For us, Modularisation is not merely about component reusability. It’s about achieving a level of organisation-wide systemisation that accommodates diverse market demands while enabling each customer to receive a seemingly customised solution, assembled smartly from a pre-configured set of options.



The Uniter Methodology is less a set of strict guidelines and more a philosophy. It prioritises the “why” over the “how,” championing an outside-in perspective in product strategy, planning, and market understanding.


Market Analysis

Systematic market demand description for efficient data collection and analysis

Uniter uses a systematic way to describe the customer need. Through a comprehensive market and customer need analysis, which includes conditions, regulations, and preferences, the customer need is described in a solution agnostic way. This means that product and service demands can be understood before an actual solution is implemented through hardware, software, or services. This allows the ability to develop the right solution space as a combinatorics of hardware, software, or services. This enables stepwise introduction of new capabilities in the solution and adaptation to technology leaps.

Analysing Trends

Identification of market patterns and trends to guide product development

Analysis of continuous market and technology trends is essential to remain competitive. We have the tools to stay informed.

Modular Roadmap

Evaluation of modular strategies via Market Fit Analysis

Our modular roadmap based on Performance Steps fosters solutions based on combinatorics. By maintaining a balanced set of Performance Steps for each Performance Series, we enable pre-emptive what-if analyses and performance evaluations.

Configurable Solutions

Propose the best possible solution for each customer, based on their need

To achieve true modularisation, we start with the customer. The performance demand of the customer is analysed and shows where the need for combinatorics. Through this analysis —we lay the groundwork for a configurable solution space. By using combinatorics, a diverse customer demand can be fulfilled with very limited effort.

Value-Based Selling

Implementation of value-based pricing to encourage value-based selling

Our configurable solutions based on performance demand, enable nuanced, value-based selling by catering a broad customer base with diverse needs and preferences. Understanding these varying trade-offs, be it a preference for durability over cost or vice versa, requires a deep understanding of the market and technical / service comprehension.

Software Support

Implementation of tools to aid data analysis

Besides people and processes, to establish Modularisation, a thorough market database, configurable solutions, and value-based selling is needed. Through the power of computing, large data analysis is based on one condition: The tools need to support true modularisation. We have a long experience in developing and establishing tools to support our work. Whether you develop your own tool or use an existing one, we are there to support you.

Our Customers




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Uniter AB is a management consultancy firm that helps companies and organisations create a problem-solving culture. A culture that makes the company able to adjust to an ever-changing market demand in an efficient way. The basic idea is that customers are individuals with individual needs, that will vary from customer to customer, region to region and country to country. It is important that the industrial methods used to create efficiency in the industrial system do not ruin the ability to supply a varied and adaptable offer to the customers. In fact, there are ways to create modular products and processes that are flowing efficiently towards an effective way of satisfying the very varied customer demand. By involving the whole organisation in a system where problem solving; finding problems – fixing problems – keeping problems from coming back, it is possible to create a balanced system that is both efficient in the operations and effective towards the customers. The optimal balance or the optimal compromise of a complex organisational system is our goal.

Uniter leaves the companies we support with the ability to do systematic problem solving by themselves. We support in the process of creating such a management system.

Work With Us

We are currently looking for new employees. If you like what we stand for you should give it a try and apply for a position below.

At Uniter we believe in people and the strength of every person to achieve more than they think is possible. This is true for people in the organisations we work with as well as for ourselves. At Uniter we work hard, and our expectations are high. Our values are that we help each other, that we work until we are done and that we deliver what is needed. Seems simple and when it works, it’s really something special to be a part of.

“There is no man living that can not do more than he thinks he can.”

–  Henry Ford


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