UNITER AB is a management consultancy​​​​​​​​ firm that helps companies and organizations create a problem solving culture. A culture that makes the company able to adjust to an ever changing market demand in an efficient way. The basic idea is that customers are individuals with individual needs. A need that will vary from customer to customer, region to region and country to country. It is important that the industrial methods used to create efficiency in the industrial system do not ruin the ability to supply a varied and adaptable offer to the customers. In fact there are ways to create modular products and processes that are flowing efficiently towards an effective way of satisfying the very varied customer demand. Involving the whole organization in a system where problem solving is the base for the adaptability; finding problems – fixing problems – keeping problems from coming back. It is possible to create a balanced system that is both efficient in the operations and effective towards the customers. The optimal balance or the optimal compromise of a complex organizational system is our goal.

UNITER is based in Stockholm Sweden and Basel Switzerland and was founded in 2014 by Pär-Olof Hjorth and Jonas Ahlstrand. Our basic skill is to implement a Toyota style problem solving culture.

UNITER leaves the companies we support with the ability to do systematic problem solving by themselves. At UNITER we do not produce PowerPoints or decision material. We help organizations to find and solve problems by themselves. We support in the process of creating such a management system.​​​